February 26, 2021




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Sennheiser’s New IE300 In-Ear Monitors Are An Absolute Delight

Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to Linkedin These new IEMs from Sennheiser are an utter delight. They are much more affordable than the ... [+] legendary IE600 but still offer the same exciting sound quality and raw energy. Sennheiser Sennheiser may be seeking an investor for its consumer division, but the company is still turning out s...


Mars rover’s giant parachute carried secret message

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — The huge parachute used by NASA’s Perseverance rover to land on Mars contained a secret message, thanks to a puzzle lover on the spacecraft team. Systems engineer Ian Clark used a binary code to spell out “Dare Mighty Things” in the orange and white strips of the 70-foot (21-meter) parachute. He also included the GPS coordina...

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Johnson and Johnson vaccine: FDA finds the single-shot jab safe

Vaccine US regulators have found the single-shot Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine is safe and effective. It paves the way for it to become the third Covid-19 vaccine to be authorised in the US, possibly within days. The vaccine would be a cost-effective alternative to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, and can be stored in a refrigerato...

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Review: thought-provoking sci-fi drama Bliss works on multiple levels

Enlarge / Greg (Owen Wilson) and Isabel (Salma Hayek) find themselves shifting between a beautiful and an "ugly" world—but which is real, and which is the simulation?YouTube/Amazon A depressed man finds himself questioning the reality of his existence when he meets a free-spirited woman who insists he's inhabiting a simulation in Bliss, a new film ...

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says ‘the system broke’ following winter storm, power outages

Gov. Greg Abbott vowed to get answers and fix the problems that led to last week’s widespread power outages during a televised speech