October 20, 2021

▷ POL-PPWP: Distraction: an underestimated danger!

17.09.2021 – 11:07

Police Headquarters West Palatinate

Kaiserslautern (OTS)

One focus of police control Thursday on Zolamet Street was on the topic of “traffic distraction.” Emergency services screened motorists and other road users.

Five drivers found that officers were illegally tampering with a mobile phone or talking on the phone while driving. You can expect good action and at least one point in the central traffic log. A driver attracted attention with his modified car. The changes in the vehicle led to the expiration of the operating license and the report of administrative violations. Since the e-scooter driver did not insure his car, he was charged with suspected violation of the Compulsory Insurance Act. Policemen had to ask road users twice…

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