October 19, 2021
Real Estate

2021 Notable Residential Real Estate Agents Q&A: ‘My focus is to lead with a humble heart’

Life came at Candice Eberhardt fast in 2020. In July, the woman who opened her own real estate firm in 2012 traveled to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore for a six-hour procedure to remove an invasive, but benign, brain tumor. Four months off and a strong will to recover had her back in late 2020. Eberhardt proudly says she has now made a 100% recovery.

You are the president-elect of the Akron-Cleveland Association of Realtors and will be the first minority president in 2022. What does that mean to you?

I honestly can’t believe it’s happening. For so long, it seemed very far off. I’m extremely excited, but also extremely nervous because I want to make everyone proud. Two things that reassure me are knowing I have a great support system and that I’m surrounded by people who genuinely care.

Can your example inspire others?

I didn’t do it for the “wow” factor, but that’s what I’ve…

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