September 19, 2021

250 hi-tech jobs, with avg. salary of $90-$175K, coming to New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Duke City Gladiators are on to the 2nd round of the IFL Playoffs. DC won their first-round game in dramatic fashion on Saturday, after the team ran a trick play where WR Dello Davis threw a touchdown pass to Jared Elmore. That clutch touchdown tied the game at 33 with Iowa, and after a 33-yard PAT the Gladiators won the game 34-33.

Dello Davis spoke to KRQE Sports on Sunday and gave his reaction to the win and that trick play at the end of the game. “We worked for like 6-7-8 weeks and it didn’t go like that. It was a long-distance play where I run a jet sweep and I throw like a 30 or 40-yard bomb and so for it to turn into a goal-line play we never practiced that in practice and I was like, man it just might work. So, let’s run it, and when I threw that ball, I just had Nate in my ear telling me don’t throw it hard Dello, don’t try to drill…

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