October 20, 2021

33% Increase in 3 Years All-round Improvement in Competitiveness and Global Influence CDHT Releases the Internationalization Index

The Internationalization Index, jointly compiled by Chengdu High-tech Industrial Development Zone and China High-tech Zone Research Center of Strategic Consulting Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, is the first internationalization index at the level of development zone in western China. The internationalization index system in the report includes five first-class indexes, namely, “global factor concentration, international organization leadership, world innovation competitiveness, economic development circulation, and support for an open environment,” reflecting the level of international development of Chengdu High-tech Zone.

In particular, the world innovation competitiveness index saw the largest increase (73% increase over 2018), showing that Chengdu High-tech Industrial Development Zone outstood in terms of trade level, industrial status and social responsibility;…

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