September 17, 2021

5 hot German tech trends VCs need to know about

Germany has become a hotspot for international startup investors looking for the next big thing. For the past few years, the country’s tech ecosystem has competed for the top spot in Europe amongst big hitters the UK and France. 

However, unlike its competitors, the German VC market is much smaller, making the ecosystem ripe for international investors to scout new talent. According to KFW’s 2020 Venture Capital study, out of the deals exceeding $50 million funding rounds, half are led entirely by foreign VCs, while 45% are made up of a mix of foreign and domestic investors.

Another advantage is that the German startup market is very diverse. Rather than being concentrated in one major city, a number of tech hubs have developed across the country thanks to the government’s Digital Hub Initiative.

If this sounds a little overwhelming, not to worry. We spoke with Digital Hub…

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