October 20, 2021

6 New Books on the Pandemic, #MeToo and Other Timely Topics

Why were our cities and their economies so vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic? Two Harvard economists take stock of the issues that bedevil American cities (or as they put it, the “demons” that often “accompany density”), including health care, affordable housing, education, class disparities and more. The authors approach the questions from different political standpoints and imagine what cities may look like in the future.

Penguin Press, Sept. 7 | Read our review

Even before the extent of the pandemic’s destruction became clear, “there was every reason to think that 2020 might be tumultuous,” writes Tooze. He tends to take up big, epoch-defining events — the 2008 financial crash, global affairs after World War I — and here investigates the economic response to the pandemic. As our reviewer put it: “This book’s great service is that it challenges us to…

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