June 13, 2021

7 things your business shouldn’t be doing in social media marketing

No matter if you have been managing social media accounts for brands for years, or just getting started, sometimes marketers just want quick tips on how to promote their business via social media.

A bit ago I shared an Instagram Reel talking about some social media mistakes I have seen North Bay businesses — and myself — make with content creation, sharing it online, and engaging with their communities. And it received a lot of traction from marketing friends saying they need to work on one or more of these “mistakes.”

Here are seven common mistakes that every marketer should avoid if they want their social media marketing efforts to achieve their goals:

1. Never engaging!

I’ll say it again: social media is not a billboard. The platforms are meant to cultivate a social interaction between people, and this is no different for brands. Connections are the key to…

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