October 20, 2021

8 Bay Area farmers markets that are totally worth the drive

You’re devoted to your nearby farmers market, dashing over there every week. But what lies beyond? Farmers you’ve never met, fruit and vegetable varietals you’ve never tried, artisans and producers selling tempting goodies you’ll want to nibble.

We hit the Bay Area’s far-flung market scene and found a number of farmers markets that aren’t just great for hometown stops. They’re destinations all on their own. Just remember to bring a cooler to keep your haul from wilting on the way home.


The Davis Farmers Market in the city’s Central Park is well worth the hour-long journey from the East Bay. It routinely wins accolades as one of the best farmers markets in the country —and it’s a favorite of Chez Panisse founder Alice Waters. Started in 1975 by local students and farmers, this produce extravaganza immediately reminded Waters of the French…

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