June 13, 2021
General News

A Cromwellian Purge of Indian Politics

In the current covid scenario, as the deaths and despair haunt the entire country, there was shrill demand for resignation of the Prime Minister, who has been single handedly running the government since 2019. He is charged with arrogance, autocracy, indifference, incompetence and ignorance of the stark facts of the pandemic. He is pilloried by the international press and think tanks. One of the Australian papers said. “Modi is leading India to a virtual apocalypse”. A Swedish research organization commented that India is an “electoral autocracy”. The world powers however are supporting India for its geo-political significance and emerging market potentials and so on.

It is broadly agreed across the political and social segments that the government, namely the Union government has dismally failed in anticipating the damages the second surge could cause, managing the health…

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