October 20, 2021

A Detailed Analysis of the DeFi Market and How Local Trade Affects Its Further Development

When decentralized finance “DeFi” emerged, it caused a lot of contradictory opinions among the masses. Some were really excited and delighted with this new kind of service that removed traditional market intermediaries, providing an accessible, clear, transparent ecosystem. But, in contrast, others treated it with skepticism and confusion.

The economic background for DeFi is already well developed. DeFi is created on the Ethereum base, which proceeded with transactions for $1.5 trillion last quarter, which is half of VISA’s volume. In addition, decentralized markets give loans worth billions of dollars every month.

DeFi draws attention from large companies, businesses, big and small institutions. Let’s find out then why it appears to be so interesting, what future awaits it, what troubles it may face, and whether it will be adopted by the masses,…

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