September 17, 2021

A pioneer in Ponzi scheme, Evaly still basks in blessings

Let’s have no qualms about it – Evaly is a Ponzi scheme. It is the pioneer in the e-commerce scam that has plagued the country, cheating the general public of millions. Because of Evaly the people have lost trust in online market platforms.

Evaly showed the way how to lure people with lucrative, mind-boggling offers that deny any economic sense. At the same time, it started throwing money around – from sponsoring events to putting up advertisements.

When its scam got exposed, thanks to the commerce ministry’s effort, it resorted to another trickery by claiming that a big business house, Jamuna Group, is going to invest in Evaly, a claim nobody believed. Why did Evaly’s owner Mohammad Rassel do it? The answer is simple. It had a deadline with the commerce ministry to explain how it would pay off its thousands of distraught customers who had paid money and did not get any goods. So he used Jamuna’s name just to backstop the…

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