November 17, 2021
Real Estate

A profile of downtown San Antonio developer David Adelman

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A 9-mile drive is all that separates the first acquisition of one of San Antonio’s most active developers in the urban core and his most recent venture. 

But the span of years between the time David Adelman purchased a rental property at age 16 to when he broke ground on the historic Creamery mixed-use project in Tobin Hill shows the measure of his passion for both his hometown and development. Today, the impact of the developer’s long career in commercial real estate can be seen across the urban core.

Adelman, 52, is founder and president of Area Real Estate, a company he founded in 2011. He oversees development and asset management for a portfolio of properties throughout downtown San Antonio, including residential developments The Maverick, The ‘68 at Hemisfair, and 1221 Broadway, and…

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