July 27, 2021

A Russian teenager manages to buy an apartment in Moscow without paying a penny and is now detained by the Police

A Russian teenager managed to buy an apartment in northeast Moscow on the website of a construction company in March, without paying a penny. He even managed to put the property up for sale until finally he was detained by the policereports the local newspaper MK.

The 17-year-old now facing criminal prosecution for scam, purchased the apartment in a new building through an online process for almost 18 million rubles (about $ 242,000).

Given the buyer’s age, the company manager requested parental consent to carry out the transaction. Shortly after, by email, the company also received approval from the guardianship authorities regarding the minor’s possibility to act without informing the parents. Later, it became known that the document was fake.

Subsequently, the purchase agreement was sent to the client for review, which had the respective confirmation signature. The company also received an alleged payment order for the…

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