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BUSINESS NEWS FOR INFORMED INVESTORS is a digital magazine owned and operated by Lotus Digital Media, Inc.

Our mission at is to provide investors and business people with a single news outlet they can count on for balanced, comprehensive news and analysis of financial markets and world events. After over a decade in the business, we’ve been able to fine-tune our coverage to meet the information needs of our global readership.

Our publishing philosophy, in a nutshell:

  • Not all news is fit to print
  • Time is money

We exist to meet the needs of our readership. As such, we welcome feedback especially as it pertains to topics, journalists, analysts and news outlets readers would like to see expanded. Your interests are our interests. New voices are always welcome, and aspiring writers seeking a platform and invited to submit articles for review. is a division of Lotus Digital Media, Inc.

Contact Information:

Lotus Digital Media, Inc.

Alma Link Building

No.25 Chit Lom Alley

Lumpini, Patham Wan District

Bangkok, Thailand 10330

Editorial Board:

Company President: Arusa Bunyamanee

Editor-In-Chief: Soonruth Atthakor

Editorial Pages: Peter Mitchell

News Editor: David Knight

Business Editor: Wanchai Poosuphanusorn

World News Editor: Bob Edders

Lifestyle Editor: Ploenpote Marukatat

Sports Editor: Anucha Rujawongsanti

Tech Editor: Srisamorn Charoenpo

Advertising Global Head: David Morgenstern, Bangkok

Ad Sales Thailand: Panita Jandamit, Bangkok

Ad Sales Asia/Pacific: Indira Patel, New Delhi

Ad Sales Europe: Horst Muller, Vienna

Ad Sales Middle East: Abdullah al Ketbi, U.A.E.

Ad Sales North America: Mick O’Brian, New York City

Ad Sales Africa: Siboniso Mngadi, Cape Town