July 28, 2021

ACCC: Computer takeover scams cost Australia almost triple in 2021 – Security

Australians have lost almost three times as much money from computer takeover scams in 2021 compared to last year, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The agency said scammers have stolen more than $7.2 million from Australians this year, up 184 percent compared to the same period last year.

The ACCC’s Scamwatch service found some 6,500 Australians have reported phone calls from scammers trying to get users to install remote access software like AnyDesk or TeamViewer and gain access to a victim’s bank accounts and other services.

Some of the companies and organisations the scammers would spoof include Telstra, eBay, NBN Co, Amazon, banks, government organisations, police, and computer and IT support providers.

“Remote access scams are one of the largest growing scam types in Australia. Scammers take advantage of the digital world and the fear of fraud and cybercrime to access…

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