September 19, 2021
General News

Afghan policy conundrum – Newspaper

THE last American soldier left Kabul on Tuesday, bringing to an end the two-decade-long occupation of Afghanistan. The Afghan Taliban have already taken control of the war-battered country and most likely a new political set-up will take shape in the next few days. The seismic changes in Afghanistan over the last few months have jolted geopolitics in the region.

Despite the Taliban’s control over almost the entire country the situation in Afghanistan is still fluid. There is deep anxiety in the region and beyond over the return of Taliban rule. More than any other country, it is Pakistan that should be most concerned. But there seems to be little understanding in the government about how to deal with the shifting sands across the Durand Line. The confused messaging on the Afghan situation will inevitably land us in dire straits.

It begins with the prime minister whose thoughtless…

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