November 17, 2021
General News

Afghanistan crisis ‘betrays Johnson’s vision of a Global Britain’

UK ministers are unable to publicly state in the strongest terms what they think about President Biden’s decision to cut and run from Afghanistan, so ex-diplomats and former prime ministers have been saying it for them.

Tony Blair’s condemnation at the weekend of the US president’s “imbecilic” commitment to ending “forever wars” was echoed last night by Lord Darroch, not so long ago the UK’s ambassador to Washington, who said the chaotic withdrawal had “tarnished” President Biden’s record.

But what does this disastrous episode say about the UK’s foreign policy and Boris Johnson’s vision for “Global Britain”?

Dominic Raab’s reluctance to leave his sun lounger in Crete may be dismissed as a sideshow, but foreign policy experts believe it speaks to a wider strategic problem – that the government is struggling with geopolitics.

Its 114-page integrated review…

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