September 16, 2021

After seven years, an Apple car is still on the horizon

Minutes after the news broke this week that Doug Field, the former Tesla executive who led Apple’s car project, was defecting to Ford, the Cupertino company’s venture called an all-hands meeting.

Field, who explained he was joining the Detroit carmaker for the chance “to try to make a difference”, was the latest in a long line of exits from Project Titan, Apple’s secretive plan to build a self-driving car.

He was the fourth head of the project to depart in seven years, and the team has bled three other senior executives in the past few months. Staff were jittery as the media speculated that Apple might pull the plug on the car.

But in a half-hour briefing, Apple executives said there would be a reorganisation, but no lay-offs, according to two people present. By Thursday, Bloomberg reported that Kevin Lynch, who has been leading Apple’s Watch and health…

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