October 16, 2021
General News

After the amnesty – Newspaper

AFTER all the brutality and bloodshed, an amnesty is in the offing. Much has already been written about the moral dubiousness and clumsiness of the government’s plans to re-engage and potentially pardon the TTP. Let’s for a moment assume that such an amnesty could work, and a core of the TTP is rehabilitated. What would happen next?

An amnesty process would further mainstream and legitimise the TTP’s extremist viewpoints, creating an even more conducive environment for hardline jihadist perspectives, and all but eliminating public space and protections for women, minorities and progressive or dissenting positions. At the same time, hard-line militants who do not participate in the amnesty will be pushed out to a further extreme.

And such splintering is inevitable. The TTP is a militant Frankenstein comprising numerous sub-groups; since July 2020 it has absorbed around eight…

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