September 24, 2021
General News

After US exit from Afghanistan, India, China and South Asia will be in spotlight: Nepal scholar

By Mahua Venkatesh

New Delhi, Sep 4: With the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, “the centre of gravity of world politics” has now rapidly shifted towards the east of Kabul, in which not only will India and China play a much larger role but the smaller countries including Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh will also come under the spotlight.

As many see the clumsy US exit from Afghanistan as a “huge” defeat for Washington, the Joe Biden administration is now set to up its ante against China in the coming months.

Analysts also said that the US could whip up the anti-China sentiments like never before at this point to maintain its credibility and importance on the global stage.

“The exit of the US from Afghanistan, in my assessment, will accentuate geopolitical alignments more severely the further geographically one moves east from Kabul,” Bhaskar Koirala Director of the Nepal…

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