July 27, 2021

AG Schmidt warns of hearing aid scams

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Attorney General Derek Schmidt is warning residents not to fall for scams that sell cheap hearing aids.

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt says hearing loss affects thousands of Kansans, and proper ones can be expensive. Unfortunately, he said many disreputable sellers try to sell discount devices to help with hearing loss, so it is important for Kansans to know their rights while shopping.

According to AG Schmidt, it starts with getting a proper diagnosis from a qualified hearing specialist who can decide if the hearing loss can be improved with the help of aids, or if there is a more serious medical condition that should be addressed by a doctor.

Schmidt said each person’s hearing loss is different. He said a hearing test from a qualified specialist can ensure residents get a device that fits their specific needs.

According to Schmidt, the U.S. Food and…

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