March 2, 2021
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Google reportedly promises change to research team after high-profile firings

Enlarge / Google, by night.400tmax | Getty Images Google is reportedly promising it will change its research review procedures this year in its AI division, in an apparent bid to restore employee confidence in the wake of two high-profile firings of prominent women from the division. Reuters obtained a recording from an internal meeting this month ...
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Diversity Dies At The Top: Human Or Robot, The Board Rules The Day (Part 2 Of The Time Capsule Project Series)

Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to Linkedin Bringing diversity to the boardroom. Deposit Photos There are 14 BILLION mobile devices on this planet… and 7.8 billion people. We have already deployed about 31 billion IoT devices, and we are adding another 127 per second. Humans are already vastly numbered by technology, and we’re already s...