June 19, 2021

Amazon-MGM seen winning antitrust nod as tech critics cry foul | News

Amazon.com’s takeover of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer is sparking fresh criticism about the spreading tentacles of America’s technology giants, but the deal underscores how competition watchdogs have their hands tied when it comes to curbing the companies’ growth.

Critics of tech firms in Washington on Wednesday slammed the MGM deal as the latest example of how the industry’s biggest players snap up companies to expand their reach, even as they face a flurry of antitrust lawsuits and moves by lawmakers to rein them in.

“Another day. Another mega merger,” tweeted Rep. David Cicilline, the Rhode Island Democrat who led a sweeping investigation of Amazon, Facebook, Alphabet and Apple. “Amazon’s proposed purchase of MGM reinforces what we already know…

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