October 20, 2021

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos To Step Down 5 July

Jeff Bezos will step down at CEO on 5 July, on what he admits is a sentimental date after nearly 30 years in charge of Amazon

Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos has confirmed the date he will step down from leading the firm he created way back in the 1990s.

Bezos had announced in early February that after 27 years in charge, he would step down sometime in the third quarter and be succeeded by Amazon veteran Andy Jassy, who currently heads Amazon’s cloud computing business (AWS). Bezos will transition to executive chairman of the board.

But during the company’s annual shareholder meeting held on Wednesday, Bezos set the exact date for his departure as CEO, when announced that will he step down on 5 July, a date that he admits is sentimental for him.

Sentimental date

The timing is “sentimental,” Bezos was quoted by CNN as saying, noting that 5 July is the date Amazon was…

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