September 27, 2021

AMD gains as tech sectors rally into the August OPEX close

  • NASDAQ:AMD added 0.92% on Friday as the broader markets rallied.
  • AMD rival NVIDIA gets some uncomfortable news from UK regulators. 
  • AMD launches a new open-source portal project called Infinity Hub.


NASDAQ:AMD has seemingly cooled off over the last couple of weeks, after continuously hitting new all-time highs in late July. AMD has pulled back from it’s all-time high price of $122.49 and seems to be consolidating before its next move up. On Friday, shares added 0.92% to close the OPEX trading week at $104.65. The move still lagged the broader NASDAQ index which closed the session up 1.2% on the strength of big tech stocks including Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) which hit a new all-time high. The Dow Jones and S&P 500 also finished the day higher, but still recorded a loss for the overall week. 

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One of AMD’s main…

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