September 24, 2021

Analysis: Bolsonaro rallies base but turns off allies and markets

BRASILIA, Sept 8 (Reuters) – Far-right President Jair Bolsonaro filled wide avenues in Brazil’s biggest cities with his supporters on Tuesday, but the depth of their fervor did little to help his narrowing appeal.

While his attacks on the Supreme Court and election integrity may keep his core base activated – roughly one in four Brazilians – they could hurt his attempts to advance his agenda in Congress or build another winning coalition in next year’s election.

“The establishment is convinced now that pacifying Brazil is not possible with Bolsonaro at the helm. This is leading to his political isolation,” said political analyst Leonardo Barreto of Vector Consultancy in Brasilia.

“The political and economic classes feel he can no longer be trusted… and economic reforms are not possible anymore with Bolsonaro and the chronic instability he has brought,” he said.

Brazilian financial…

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