October 19, 2021
General News

Analysis: How the 2020 census explains Donald Trump

From his racist “birther” campaign against ex-President Barack Obama to a 2016 campaign launch targeting Mexican immigrants, Trump positioned himself as the spokesman for a racial and social culture he portrayed as under attack.

That continued when he became President, with his equivocation over White supremacist marchers in Charlottesville, Virginia (ironically four years to the day before the publication of the census data), to his support for Confederate monuments that lionized the men who fought to preserve slavery. Even now, his political action committee is called Save America, adding to a sense — fueled by right-wing media titans like Tucker Carlson of Fox News and activists who demagogue teaching about the history of race in schools — that the country many White culturally conservative citizens always knew is somehow being stolen by outside usurpers and cosmopolitan…

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