October 16, 2021
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Analysis: Twin tragedies, and the strings that pull them

Updated 43 minutes ago

LONDON (AP) — Twin tragedies on opposite sides of the world are piling misery on people who have seen far more than their share.

In Afghanistan, a group of gunmen known for sadistic tyranny rocketed back into power after 20 years as Western and Afghan leaders walked away with a sad shrug. In Haiti, yet another earthquake and yet another storm struck a country exceptionally ill-equipped to handle either.

On the face of it, little links the two catastrophes. One can easily be blamed on geopolitics and an unwinnable war, the other on motion in the Earth’s crust and troposphere.

And yet these assaults on the usual suspects are deeply connected. They are unfolding in two nations that, as the planet strains with stressors both natural and willful, sit at the fault lines of everything that the 21st-century world…

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