September 27, 2021
General News

Andy Schmookler: How the Heirloom Project could help heal America’s political brokenness | Nvdaily

This is the final installment in the Heirloom Project series.

The Heirloom — defined as something that is passed forward for future generations to experience as “something of value” — is a way of creating positive bonds across the generations.

For the present generation, those positive bonds — in both directions — matter:

• Both backward, involving respect and appreciation for the Ancestors, to whom the Heirloom from the past harkens back;

• And forward (if one decides to take up the Heirloom Project’s invitation to create an Heirloom), as an expression of love and caring for the Descendants.

Beyond that — in addition to these private and familial benefits — it turns out that the Heirloom Project also has some potential to help this…

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