August 2, 2021
General News

‘Another England’: Soccer’s reckoning on racial politics

Britain’s right-wing government has carved out an electoral advantage in ridiculing “woke” politics and campaigners for racial justice, but it is now on the defensive against a unified and popular group.

Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s “culture wars” and ballot-box inroads have made life difficult for the Labour opposition party.

One group, however, knows where it stands: England’s multiracial, youthful and idealistic soccer team.

“They have made an appeal to the best aspects of Englishness and done so against the direction of play, during an era in which politicians mobilize our worst instincts and darkest fears,” historian David Olusoga wrote in The Guardian newspaper.

“Twenty-six young men and their remarkable manager have again reminded us that there is another path, another form of English patriotism, another way of being together and…

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