October 20, 2021

Another Scam Hitting Amarillo This Time Involving Homeland Securi

I will have to give credit to these darn scammers. They don’t give up. It seems like almost every day another scam gets thrown our way. Every time we get a new one we need to let everyone know.

I mean knowledge is power. I hate to say that some scams you really don’t know. They seem way too real. Which is why if you are ever in doubt the main and most important thing is to hang up the phone. Pick up and dial the number you trust and ask them. You may think you are being silly but in this day and age you can’t be too careful.

People are trying to steal your money and your identity all over the place. Instead of working for a legitimate living they want to make money the “easy” way be stealing yours. So you have to be careful.

The latest I saw over the weekend came from a warning from the Amarillo Police Department. They are wanting you to be careful and once again not be scammed. This…

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