October 20, 2021
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Are geo-politics constraining food? Grain market daily

Are geo-politics constraining food?

With the AHDB Grain Market Outlook taking place next Tuesday (12 October), one of our live in-person sessions will be discussing food security, which will be chaired by HSBC’s head of Agri-food Allan Wilkinson.

Why food security?

The last 18-months, as the world has been battling the coronavirus, food security importance has escalated around the globe.

In the Summer of 2020, we saw a variety of net-exporting grain nations such as Kazakhstan and Russia constrain the flow or even stop the export of ag-commodities.

I have to ask if these nations’ actions reignite the discussion of global food security, especially coming out of a time when inflation is increasing with the rising cost of raw materials, logistics & global energy.

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When this happened to global grain markets last year, I…

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