October 20, 2021
Real Estate

Are oral statements binding in real estate transactions? | Siouxland Homes

No. 1: Contact your agent, preferably by email, and suggest that they reach out to the listing agent and ask the two of them to solve this problem for you. Ask for the broker’s email address as they may not be aware of the situation. It is unclear if you have done this. Some real estate agents will resist the idea. Some will recognize that they erred and help. If they waffle, consider pushing back and threaten to file a complaint with state regulators.

No. 2: Contact the buyer by email (the listing agent will have it.) Tell her that if her belongings are not out by a specific date and time, you will put them out on the curb, and she can pick them up anytime. This action is a demand letter, and option number three below is a more powerful demand letter.

No. 3: Consider contacting your attorney and ask them to write the demand letter. Most people will respond to such a letter. Your…

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