November 17, 2021

‘Arrested Chinese intruder a PLA-run university student’

Kolkata: Agencies investigating Chinese national Han Junwe, arrested while illegally crossing into India, say he was a student of a Peoples Liberation Army-run university, where he studied English.

Han, produced in Malda district court on Saturday after his arrest on the Sultanpur border on Thursday, was sent to police custody until June 18.

Police now claim that the Chinese national has said during interrogation that he is a graduate in English from Chun Shi Gong Cheng University in China.

The university is said to be under the control of the Chinese army PLA.

Usually the PLA or MSS (Chinese intelligence services) sponsor bright students to study English and other languages when they want them to accept a career in espionage.

One investigators in the case told IANS that Han displayed amazing confidence in trying to reach his Chinese friend, Sun Jiang, in Lucknow even after he was held by the ATS there on serious charges.

“It is possible…

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