November 17, 2021

As COVID-19 restrictions lift, Gov. Whitmer focuses on jumpstarting economy

DETROIT, Mich- — As Covid restrictions lift here in Michigan, the focus now turns to the economy, a topic that was a focal point of discussion with Governor Whitmer Tuesday.

While commenting on the reopening from Belle Isle in Detroit, the Governor and Lt. Governor discussed the $3.5 billion surplus the state currently has, something they’re hoping to use to make what they call ‘transformational change.’

During the press conference, Governor Whitmer discussed the Michigan Economic Jumpstart Plan.

Under the governor’s proposed plan, the state will increase incentives to boost wages and attract applicants, while also providing grants to small businesses to ramp up hiring.

A shortage of workers is something many companies and industries around the state have been struggling with places like restaurants even saying that can’t open to full capacity until they get employees in the door.


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