October 20, 2021
Real Estate

As the Real Estate Market Adapts, Get Diversification With ASET

The real estate market is ever-changing, especially when it comes to millennial trends, giving more credence for diversification via ETFs like the FlexShares Real Assets Allocation Index Fund (ASET).

Investors considering real estate may not like the idea of becoming the landlord. That’s especially the case when it comes to millennial renters who don’t want to sign long-term leases any longer.

Rather, they’re looking for the flexibility of short-term leases. This might seem disconcerting to property owners seeking long-term tenants to provide that stable income, but they’re having to adapt to this new trend.

“People are splitting time between cities. Younger people can’t afford to sign 12-month leases,” said Daniel Mishin, founder and CEO of June Homes. “So people are looking for flexibility, convenience and ease.”

ETFs like ASET can give investors access to real…

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