June 19, 2021
Real Estate

Ask Millionacres: How Can I Find Income Properties When Prices Are High?

Trying to buy an income property where real estate values are high can be challenging. If you couple this with rapid appreciation or a competitive market, it may feel impossible to find a worthwhile deal. Sourcing investment properties out of your local market can be one solution for finding more affordable and less competitive investment properties for sale, but if you want to stay local, you will need to take more creative approaches to finding investment properties in your market.

Get creative

Going off-market is by far the best way to find income properties for less money than the traditional market. While this method requires up-front capital for marketing and some serious negotiating skills, it can be a reliable way to find worthwhile deals. Start by sourcing a list to market to, which could be vacant properties, properties in probate, out-of-state owners, or distressed…

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