October 16, 2021
General News

At Dubai’s Expo, the world’s problematic politics loom

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Iran wants you to put politics aside and marvel over its ornate carpets. Syria wants you to forget about its brutal war and learn about the world’s first alphabet. Yemen, on the brink of famine, is very excited about its honey and coffee.

Welcome to Dubai’s Expo 2020, the first world’s fair in the Middle East that boasts over 190 participating countries — except Afghanistan, whose new Taliban rulers are a no-show.

Dubai has gambled billions to make the built-from-scratch Expo village a triumphant tourist attraction and symbol of the United Arab Emirates itself — a feast for the eyes designed to be devoid of politics and built on the promise of globalization. But even as nations use their pavilions as benign infomercials, the political turbulence of the wider world manages to intrude.

“We had one bullet to shoot,” said…

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