November 15, 2021
General News

Australia could be caught between China and America

The South China Sea has all the ingredients of a global cataclysm. Greed. Nationalism. Politics. All are conspiring against peace and stability.

And Australia could be the forced to make a tough decision if asked to by the Unite States.

Polytechnic University of the Philippines Geopolitics Professor Richard Heydarian says the political turmoil swirling through his nation’s waters have “all the ingredients of a global cataclysm”.

It’s all about 3.5 million square kilometres of water, broken only by a few reefs, sandbars and rocky islands. About 33 per cent of the world’s international trade passes through its waters. Much of the region’s food is hauled from its depths.

Beijing claims all of it.

And it continues to do so despite the ruling of an international court of arbitration that its claims are baseless.

That’s the background to a political crisis shaking the Philippines…

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