November 17, 2021
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Australia politics live: Barnaby Joyce sworn in as deputy PM, more Sydney Covid sites named | Australia news

John Howard, an 81-year-old white man, who joined the Liberal party in the 1950s and worked as a politician for the majority of his life, having been elected to one of Sydney’s wealthiest electorates in 1974, doesn’t believe there is racism in Australia.

This shouldn’t be news: Howard’s views that Australia was not a racist country shaped much of the nation’s social policy under his prime ministership, going so far as to reject the Eureka research anti-racism study his government commissioned in the late 1990s, because it found there was in fact, racism in Australia.

This didn’t “align” with Howard’s views Australia wasn’t racist, so the report was suppressed until 2011. (Instead the government set up “Harmony Day”, which is essentially a day borne from the government’s desire to *not* confront racism.)

Then there were the 2005 Cronulla race…

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