September 17, 2021
General News

Australia politics live news update: NSW reports 818 Covid cases, three deaths; Victoria faces longer lockdown as 71 cases recorded | Australia news

Well, [what] the plan talks about are highly targeted and unlikely for lockdowns post 70%, and 80% it goes further than that. And, the advice that we’ve had from Professor McVernon over the course of the weekend that the starting point does not influence the overall conclusions of the model. There is further sensitivity work that’s being done around that. But the point that we’ve also been making is that’s why we’re seeking to constrain as much as possible the number of cases while we’re still in a phase where we are now.

Phase A is still a suppression phase. There is no conflict between me saying to you that lockdowns, you know, once we hit 70 and 80% do more harm than good.

And, the point right now when we’re at our current level, where they remain, are regrettably a necessary part of how we’re seeking to manage our Covid response. There’s no conflict…

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