November 17, 2021
General News

Bajeyah Eaddy Takes Love For Politics And Greenville Roots To Washington

While Greenville earns its way onto dozens of “best” and “top” lists – “Best Small City,” “Top Foodie City,” “Best Main Streets,” – Bajeyah Eaddy wants people to remember that Greenville is also a place where people struggle to earn their way out of poverty.

“People are seeing Greenville as one of the best places to retire, one of the top places to live. Those things are great,” says Bajeyah Eaddy, who has worked for 20 years in local politics.

“But there’s also another part of Greenville that will continue to produce beauty from ashes, where people rise out of poverty and are elevated to a different way of living.”

Last month, she took her oath of office as a member of the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris administration. She is a special assistant to the chief of staff at the Small Business Administration.

“I’ll always be proud to be one of those persons who…

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