October 19, 2021

Banker Optimism Soars on State of U.S. Economy

ARLINGTON, Va., May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Optimism about the current state of the U.S. economy skyrocketed in the first quarter of 2021, according to a survey of more than 500 bankers released Tuesday by IntraFi Network.

Sixty-two percent of those surveyed said overall economic conditions for their bank had improved compared to 12 months ago, a significant 38-percentage point jump on this measure from the 4th quarter of 2020. Bankers also see a brighter future ahead, with 57% saying they expect improved conditions during the 12 months ahead, a 19-percentage point rise from a quarter earlier. 

“Projections on the economy have swung wildly over the past 12 months, but bankers are growing more confident that it’s on the right track,” said Mark Jacobsen, Cofounder and CEO of IntraFi Network. “While challenges clearly remain, it’s clear most bankers are optimistic about the…

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