June 19, 2021

Banking experts’ forecast for the dollar rate — RealnoeVremya.com

The dollar rate will go back to the bar of 60 rubles in the next years, think a number of financial analysts citing the cyclical ratio of the Russian and US currencies. Realnoe Vremya’s columnist, economist with long-term banking experience Artur Safiulin agrees with this opinion. In his next column for our newspaper, the author makes his forecast of the dollar’s fate and explains how the ruble will get stronger.

Today I would like to talk about what to expect from the dollar in the near future. A lot of analysts think that the dollar rate against the ruble reached the peak in 2020 topping 80 rubles. And now, thanks to the beginning feedstock supercycle, the ruble can stay at 60 rubles per dollar. The weakening of the US currency against all big currencies also plays into our hands.


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