September 24, 2021

Banking Will Never Be the Same — but I’ve Seen It All Before » Scammer News

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Unprecedented — we hear this word entirely too often. Storms are unprecedented. Elections are unprecedented. It would appear that, literally, nothing has ever been preceded.

Of course, I exaggerate, but when it comes to the world of decentralized finance, we hear this word quite a bit. Every time I pick up the paper and read some fret piece about cryptocurrency or decentralized finance, I wonder if I’ve been sucked in a time warp back to 1999 when the only three syllables anyone could ever utter were “Y2K.”

Two decades ago, no one knew where the internet would lead us, but the knee-jerk reaction to it was one of mistrust and misunderstanding, as though it were some kind of witchcraft.

So too with blockchain technology today: Rather than start the conversion by asking how DeFi might level the…

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