October 20, 2021

Banks and more are wary of scammers preying on customers | Local News

While scams are nothing new, technology has made it much easier for fraudsters to make their move. Luckily, local financial institutions say they know how to spot the red flags.

“There are so many opportunities today in our Internet age … and if you don’t have that skepticism in the back of your mind that this could be too good to be true, it could very much turn out to be that way,” said Dominic Perkins, senior vice president of retail administration for the Savings Bank of Walpole.

The key role bank employees can play in foiling scams was illustrated locally last November, when a teller convinced an elderly Keene resident to contact police when he tried to withdraw a large sum of cash.

Police say the man, who was trying to take out $32,000 after an $18,000 withdrawal, was the victim of…

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