November 17, 2021
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Banned from Geo, six bullets, one car bomb, but I still won’t leave Pakistan — Hamid Mir

Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir | Source: Author

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Many people are asking me a question for the last few days: “When will you leave Pakistan?” I am posing a counter-question to them: “Why should I leave Pakistan?” Some concerned friends fear for my life. They think I might be killed in a road accident or unknown people may attack me again, so it’s better to leave Pakistan.

But why are people asking me this question? Because my TV channel banned me after a speech I delivered last week in support of press freedom. I was also banned in 2007 by a military dictator — General Pervez Musharraf. The million-dollar question remains: Why was I banned by the number-one television channel in Pakistan that always champions press freedom?

I had only made a speech outside the National Press…

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