October 20, 2021
Real Estate

Bay Area Real Estate Market Shows Homes Selling for Average of $1.1 Million

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Looking to buy a home in the Bay Area? Set a budget of more than $1 million or expect to get disappointed.

That’s what real estate agents are telling clients after the average price of a single family home has topped $1.1 million.

Real estate agent Rigo Bracamontes on Monday gave a final tour to a man who just purchased a home on N. 4th Street in downtown San Jose. He calls the home a major fixer upper. The property sold for $850,000 in an all-cash deal — a bargain according to the buyer.

Bracamontes and the buyer points to the average Bay Area home going for over $1 million on the market. Sellers are listing their homes on the lower end just to create an auction-type frenzy, the real estate agent said.

Several buyers are coming in with all-cash offers, leaving many middle-class families and first-time buyers in the dust.


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