September 19, 2021

Bay County Chamber of Commerce is working to guide local businesses through COVID struggles

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) – The spike in COVID-19 cases has caused a lot of uncertainty for Bay County businesses.

But the Chamber Of Commerce wants to help local businesses navigate through the pandemic.

The Chamber held a special seminar Wednesday to give business owners the chance to get answers to legal questions.

“I think there was a real interest among the business community for information about the COVID crisis and what’s to come,” Attorney Robert Jackson said.

COVID crisis questions from compensation, to staffing, and the ever-changing regulations.

“Can you require a vaccine? Can you require masks? What can you do to require testing?” Attorney Julia Maddalena said.

Legal questions surrounding COVID impacts on your business were answered by attorneys from Hand Arendall Harrison Sale.

“The answer is yes, you could require your employees to get vaccines,” said…

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